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If a rendered wall is affected by rising damp, inevitably it will require replastering that meets the standards of the rising damp industry. Unfortunately there are no short cuts when it comes to replastering, as the residual salt in the … Continue reading

Subfloor Ventilation

Adequate sub-floor ventilation in a building with timber floors is vital to help prevent dry rot, fungus, musty smells and mould growth. Throughout the inner city of Melbourne, poor sub-floor ventilation is common due to the nature of building back … Continue reading

Rising damp treatment

Rising Damp or Salt Damp (as it’s also known) in brick/masonry walls is moisture from the ground that migrates up past an original Damp Proof Course by a force known as ‘capillary action’. The moisture drawn up brings with it salts and … Continue reading


Rising damp in exposed brick and masonry walls can cause symptoms including fretting or crumbling mortar. If left untreated, the affected wall may be vulnerable to the natural elements which can speed up the deterioration of the mortar and, in … Continue reading