Rising Damp Treatment: Damp Proof Course Cream

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Rising Damp or Salt Damp (as it’s also known) in brick/masonry walls is moisture from the ground that migrates up past an original Damp Proof Course by a force known as ‘capillary action’. The moisture drawn up brings with it salts and minerals from the ground. These contaminants then migrate to the surface of the masonry wall and start the destructive cyclical process of drying and absorbing moisture as they react with atmospheric conditions. This process is the cause for the building composites to deteriorate and breakdown.

Rising damp can have many causes – the absence or poor condition of an existing Damp Proof Course can often be a major factor, so too can bridging from garden beds, concrete slabs, driveways, paths, verandas, etc. Often the only sure method to stop rising damp is to install a new Damp Proof Course to block the migration of moisture migrating up a masonry wall.

The Tech-Dry Damp Proof Course Cream is an environmentally friendly and safe damp course application system that is designed for Australian conditions. This product is the only Australian made cream on the market. It is a water-based, non-drip thixotropic silane/siloxane, which has been specifically formulated to install a durable siloxane polymer damp course into brickwork or other masonry walls to permanently stop rising damp.

The Damp Proof Course Cream is designed to be installed into the mortar bed of masonry walls. Once the Damp Proof Course Cream is injected into the mortar, the thixotropic cream can stay in close contact with the mortar bed and slowly release silane/siloxane into the capillaries of both the mortar bed and the masonry wall until the cream is completely absorbed. The silane/siloxane reacts with mortar and bricks forming a permanent polysiloxane damp course within the treated area to the full depth of the wall and an approximate height of one brick.

To achieve a successful Damp Proof Course, an installer must ensure complete horizontal coverage of a wall with a water repellent product, whether that be a physical barrier or the form of a silicone impregnation.

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