Sub-floor ventilation

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Adequate sub-floor ventilation in a building with timber floors is vital to help prevent dry rot, fungus, musty smells and mould growth. Throughout the inner city of Melbourne, poor sub-floor ventilation is common due to the nature of building back many years ago. Often with a single fronted Victorian Terrace, there are party walls preventing cross flow ventilation, minimal space beneath the floors, and in some cases, only 3-4 passive ventilators venting the whole sub-floor structure.

Should you have this scenario, and you are unable to achieve adequate natural cross flow ventilation beneath your floors, forced ventilation may be a viable option for you.

Forced ventilation, is simply a fan placed into an existing sub-floor vent which is designed to create the cross flow ventilation that an area of your sub-floor would usually require.

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You can find more information on mould and ventilation issues through state government websites. For your convenience, we have provided a number of links below:

Victorian Government, Department of Health: Mould and your health

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